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Link Pages for Ithiliana's Fics
SmutGoddess (rohandove)

Updated: May 2007

This page has links which lead to a number of fics, mostly completed ones. With the new tagging program (OK not so new now!), I've stopped updating the link page and will be shifting to tags in my copious spare time.

FPS Interspecies & Manslash, Dark Fics
RPS Bondage/Domination/Submission
Adult content in both genres
Dark Fics
Not intended for anyone under legal age of adulthood.

Standing Offer

I write long multi-part fics mostly, all linked below, but
I am also quite happy to send a current Word file to anyone who
would like to read in that format, especially those coming in after
say, oh, part 69 ;> Just email me at
ithiliana13 AT yahoo DOT com if you wish an e-copy!

The Lord of the Rings FPS AU

Most of my FPS is AU because I have two obsessions: Boromir must live. Frodo and Faramir must be together. So these fics tend to have happier endings than Tolkien's work. These fics draw on both bookverse and movieverse (blend, add water, and stir).

The Lord of the Rings FPS Dark or Dark Themes AU

Recently, I have become interested in dark elements in Tolkien's universe. These stories which are still FPS and AU are therefore different than my other AU fics because someone takes the Ring. So far, I've written Boromir and Aragorn. There is a planned Faramir in the future. These stories have either tragic or ambiguous endings. They also draw on both bookverse and movieverse.

The Lord of the Rings RPS & FPS Comic and Parody Fics

For Short and Funny Click Here

The Lord of the Rings RPS Behind the Scenes

Since I write RPS, I obviously don't consider it illegal (well no more than FPS snicker) OR immoral OR an invasion of "real" people's privacy. "My thoughts on RPS as Role Playing Slash can be read here.

Started out David/Elijah, mostly PG-13, then mutated to David/Viggo/Sean, with some Andy thrown in. At that point, NC-17 is the rule, with major Bondage & Dom/Sub elements. Also very very long. And looks to be neverending. Started in Wellington during filming, then David and Sean and Viggo started having vacations (England and Idaho). Then they went back to Wellington for a premier. Which so far they haven't gotten to see. *So* not my fault. I blame Sean.

Link Page(s) here, warning picture may be slow in diallup

Fics Written as Presents

2003 Birthday Fics for caras_galadhon and savageseraph

2003 Birthday Fic for baranduin

Stimulus/Response for cinzia

Stories Growing out of Birthday Fics

2004 Birthday Fic for aprilkat . This fic seems to have become a WIP. "Do Not Suffer Needlessly," Lijah/Sean Bean.

Next story in "Do Not Suffer Needlessly" storyverse, "A Gift," can be found here, WIP, Lijah/Sean Bean

Link Page for unfinished fics from 2006-2008, WIP


Be afraid, back away slowly, do not enter here unless ye too wish to (gasp) write (shudders, can hardly say the dread words).....scholarship!!!111!!! Unlike other link pages, this one is friends locked to CMA! Some of the entries are flocked for more limited group of academic friends and to keep the material from being considered 'previously published.'

Sedgwick for graduate course
Garber for graduate course

critical thinking assignment on awards, online rhetorical discourse across sites.

Scholarship Only

RECS for when I have time

makesmewannadie's firefly recs

Hi. Uhm ... I am back again and you have written more F/F and didn't post it to interspecies and I am like ... well ... addicted and so yes, I snooped. It would be so much less agonizing for me if you said it was Ok to 'friend' you, please so I would know when you had written something new. And I had forgotten it was you that wrote 'Bondage 'R Us' which was hysterical, by the way. It made me smile to see it in your "Purple Book". I promise I won't be a pain in the butt, honestly.

Good grief, yes, please do! Of course! And will friend you back! (I am unfortunately careless about updating on communities and keeping names straight, so am very sorry!) not a snoop at all--I put this link page there for people to use!

*drags you in and shoves fiction at you and apologizes for not updating*

actually now that I think, I wasn't posting the new stuff to either "interspecies" or "sons of gondor" because I see it as so intertwined.

Will be posting all at the new open community--lotr_fanfiction though!

And thank you!

Okay, you're killing me!! I was supposed to spend today doing housework but instead I have been (happily) drowning in your writing. It's wonderful! I've been here for hours and I'm starting to lose the sight in my left eye! But it's definitely worth it. I love your writing style; very clean and crisp, and it certainly helps that the stories are about two of my favourite men, Viggo and Sean! I've already bookmarked this site and I'm looking forward to coming back. I'm so glad I found you!

*shades eyes and looks out to sea anxiously*

Nope, you're still there! And still alive since your posted in your lj after making this comment! I'm glad to meet you!

Sorry for such a delay in responding to this lovely comment, but obviously, the last few days have been sort of...well, intensely insane. Yep. That sums it up.

Topped off by lj maintenance or whatever keeping things in read only mode and sucking things away last night.

Hopefully that's over for a while.

Hope your eye recovers! I have bifocals myself and it's harder than heck to read long stuff on a screen. As I've told several people, if it's easier to get word files and read long stuff in printout, drop me a line at ithiliana13 AT; I have everything in word file and hard copy because I find reading too much electronically hard on the eyes. Emailing attachments is *so* easy.

And let me share some words of wisdom from my housemate, coined when I was fairly new to lj: "nobody ever died wishing they'd done more housework!"


Oh, and if you're a Viggo/Sean girl, I really must recommend a piece (epistolatory, long, hotter than hades) by my friends:

Click here I think you will love it!

I was told to ask you about LotR APAs by idlerat ? :)

I was in an APA for many years, but am afraid it was a general apa, with some comics guys, not a LotR apa, so I am not able to help in this case. I'm sure they must be out there, LotR apas, but I have absolutely no idea where they might be. Might be worth doing a google search 'cause some of the apas might advertise online so to speak, or publish in two forums these days. I was in APA-5 from the late seventies, on and off, through the early nineties.

But wasn't in LotR fandom then (shocking waste of my time now that I look back on it, snicker).

Sorry I cannot help!

No worries. :) I asked because I was told to. Frankly, not knowing is sort of a relief. I also have too much data. :)

Hi Ithiliana -

The LJ entry that you link to in your post on Henry's is either marked private or friends-locked. Just so you know :)

*oops* Not any more! I wanted to open up that entry (which is a muchly expanded version of my introduction!) at the same time that Henry posted--but not two days before which is when I finished it. Guess he didn't have a chance to email me (or it got caught in my university's spam filter!). Thanks for notifying me--it's all open now!

Just a minor riff on the black, calligraphic hart on a teal field.
I believe I've read your description of it somewhere I can't seem to relocate presently, but

the background seems to complement the blended colors of red and blue states, purple
and the hart (for me) translates to a stag frolicking across a square nation;
"stag-nation" with colors inverted (ironically) to express the authorial intent of a white hart capering on a dark lavender field.
I guess I mean it speaks to me of confidence with considerable eloquence.

Totally cool reading! I love it! Thank you! I expecially like the sort of poetic association going on.

It riffs on a fandom expression (tl;dr = too long, didn't read) often applied to academic looking meta or essays, or lengthy rants, often extended to "tealdeer" by adding some new vowels, heaven only knows why, to make another word. Of course, that just means there can be multiple layers of meaning applied to any single text.

Speaking of tl;dr and all the layers in meaning in fan stuff reminds me, I meant to ask if you had ever heard of fan glossaries; I'm interested in them in relation to literacies issues, i.e., fans providing information on fan discourse to "newbies". And you mentioned the problem with shorthand and acronyms and such in entries about fandom (and it's true, we all do it, and there's other levels of shorthand for academic terminology), but there are glossaries. (And I still have to ask friends sometimes because my fan slang was learned years ago, and a bunch of new stuff came in w/the internet, including "LEET" speak.)

There are many fan glossaries, some more specialized than others, but this is a good one!

I've been thinking about icons lately--some people are known in fandom primarily for their icon skills (there are whole communities devoted to featuring them, in and across individual fandoms),and a whole set of mores and manners around them: for example, my tealdeer is gakkable (meaning, you may save it to your hard drive and then upload it to your LJ--depending on what type of account you have, you can have different numbers of icons), and use it. Giving credit is nice (but I don't require it): by credit, it means that when you upload it you'd put in something like "made by X." Other of my icons are personal presents to me, from friends, often with personal meanings, so are unique, and others are expected to respect those boundaries. (In theory, anybody can nick any icon, of course, but in practice, there's a whole set of manners.)

In LJ, icons are for decoration, for allegiances, and sometimes for major rhetorical points, slams, or expressions of support. It's a whole language (since you work primarily with a visual medium, you'd probably be better at analyzing them in some ways than I). Some are also erotic, others ranging to downright pornograph (including realistic and graphic portrayals of anal sex, among other practices). (There are animated icons--I'll put one of mine on this reply so you can see it--one I made based on a quote by another LJer about slash which I so loved I wanted to memorialize!).

I love my tealdeer icon (and am very proud of it!) because it embodies so many layers of textual meaning specific to fandom in a visual pun (I also must admit to nicking the image of the stag in the best fannish theft fashion!).

Edited at 2008-05-26 02:56 am (UTC)

"Net Neutrality" is one of those terms (not unlike fan) that prods various groups in unpredictable directions. It seems that the internet, largely by virtue of its very existence, is forging new (probably temporary) alliances between groups as ideologically antithetical as The Christian Coalition, Hollywood writers & directors and more mysterious icons like Lawrence Lessig. Still it remains a curiosity to me that Henry Jenkins, as a prime example, has little or nothing to say in these matters (of net neutrality). The violent convergence of alien cultures clashing on the meanings of simple words (NetNeutrality,copyright, kiddyporn, spam, piracy) seems an ideal opportunity for academic objectivity to mediate agendas so that eventually we'll all be able to sing along. Without some form of mediation, the antagonists just seem to Babel at one another in committee meetings and hearings.

I didn't want you to think I wasn't listening just because I've shut up.


There are GLOSSARIES???!!!

Don't misunderstand the following statement.
I don't mean it in a particularly manly way.

Dude! I fuckin' LOVE YOU!

By the way, Henry is working today. Some junk I wrote a couple of hours ago in the most recent PinkBlueHaha thread is aleady up, and a still-more ludicrous suggestion I've just completed there may soon follow. Please poke it. Fun, I mean.

Hullo, I just friended you! We met at Mythcon earlier this month (I'm Karen, short reddish hair, Snape shirt). I was looking up "Sons of Gondor" fanfiction, since you'd mentioned it and I wanted a new way to waste time, and your lj came up. What fanfics would you recommend, btw?

Hi! fjm sent me because I was lamenting my lack of English academic bloggy friends... should check out the link on this page!

really really!